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Provence, France 

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Our services are for people who travel. Hard. People who have been known to say, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” Go Farther Travel caters to those people, and the people who wish to be them. We design custom, complex itineraries, and specialize in multi-destination trips. We plan every last detail to save you time and keep you on budget, so that you can travel with confidence and ease. 

Our Services

Kayaking under the Pont du Gard on the rivière Gardon

Custom Planning Services

Go Farther Travel will customize your trip itinerary, curating every detail to align with your personal travel style and vacation priorities. 

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Custom Itinerary

Custom Planning Services

Go Farther Travel will customize your travel itinerary, curating every detail to align with your personal travel style and vacation priorities. 
  • Choosing where to go and when
  • Crafting a realistic and comprehensive budget
  • Developing a savings plan to track your progress and keep you on target
  • Providing packing lists and pre-trip checklists
  • Advising what to do with your car, plants, and pets while you are away
  • Booking flights, accommodations, activities, transfers, and travel insurance
  • Presenting you with an easy to follow itinerary, complete with contact names, confirmation numbers, schedules, directions - everything you need to know to get you where you are going with the confidence of a seasoned traveler
  • Offering you FREE access to your itinerary on our MOBILE APP, where you can track changes to your flights, link to attraction websites, click through to navigation maps, and communicate directly with your planner 
  • Answering questions about exchange rates, electrical outlets, language barriers, safety measures, and more!
  • Serving as your on-call concierge while you are traveling
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Nice, France


Tried-And-True Trips

If you've followed us on social media and want to recreate one of our epic voyages, you can purchase our tried-and-true itinerary. You'll have the option to take what you want from it and book it yourself, or, for an additional charge, we can book it for you.

Current itineraries to choose from include:


  • Holiday Romance in New Orleans

  • Backpacking Redefined: France by Train

  • Christmas Market Honeymoon: 6 Countries in 2 Weeks

  • Families in Florida, No Magic Required

  • Yachtless Greek Island Hopping for Groups

Complete out our Contact Form for more information.

20170626_105137 1.jpg

Beaune, France

Group Travel

Group Travel & Special Event Services


Planning a group trip with too many cooks in the kitchen? We can design the right recipe to satisfy all parties.

And if you are hosting a destination event (wedding, family reunion), we can assist you with organizing it so that your guests feel at home, afar.

We will work closely with you and, if applicable, any on-the-ground event planners to:

  • Coordinate the arrival and departure times of your guests

  • Secure accommodations, airport transfers, and local transportation

  • Arrange a selection of activities for your guests to choose from

  • And more!

Complete our Contact Form with more details about your event and to schedule your FREE consultation.


Dominican Treehouse Village, Dominican Republic

Travel With Us

Travel With Us

It's time for #AnotherAvignonAdventure.  

If you lack the time, confidence, or desire to plan and embark on an epic journey of your own, then we'd love for you to join us on ours!

We have several big trips on the horizon, including a 12-day tour of Egypt in October of 2025. We'll visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, explore Cairo, take a Nile cruise, and snorkel in the Red Sea. Our itinerary is custom designed; you won't find it with any other company. If you have always wanted to visit one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, but were uncertain about going alone, this is your chance to join like-minded travelers on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Check out our Upcoming Trips, then complete our Contact Form for more information.


Amorgos, Greece

Surprise Me

Surprise Me!

Up for an adventure?

Pack your bags (we'll give you a packing list) and arrive at the airport at your scheduled time to find out where you are going!

Our surprise trips are perfect for people who want the excitement of going somewhere new, without stressing about the details. We will plan every last one and all you have to do is show up!

Complete our Contact Form to schedule your free consultation.

20231205_155353 1.jpg

Gordes, France

Travel on Budget

Other Services

Travel on Budget

We will craft a realistic and comprehensive budget for your dream vacation (or help you choose a more attainable version), as well as a savings plan so that you don't go into debt to achieve it. Then we will help you track your progress and keep you on target.

This service is included in our Custom Planning Services, can be purchased separately, or added on to most of our other services.

Complete our Travel Questionnaire today!

Other Services

Research & Consultation


Do you need help deciding between two destinations for your family vacation?
Do you know where you want to go, but don't have time to look into the activities?
Are you having trouble deciding between 400 cruise itineraries?
Perhaps you have recently retired and need a little guidance on which dream trips to take in which order, to make sure you make the most of your physical fitness?
Or maybe you are working with mobility or health challenges and need help choosing the best destination for your situation?
No matter the circumstances, we would love to do the research for you and present you with the pros and cons of the top options.

Please complete our Contact Form to schedule your FREE call to discuss your needs and review our packages.


Emergency Concierge

We are on call to assist our Custom Planning Services' clients with any travel emergencies on their trip, but what about travelers who haven't booked their travel through us? Don't worry, you can purchase our Emergency Concierge service as well!

Imagine these scenarios:

The Problem: The airline lost your luggage.

How You Handle It Yourself: Repeatedly call the airline, the airport, and the travel insurance, sitting on hold for endless hours, racking up international cell phone charges, and missing out on time vacationing!
If You Hire Us: Visit the airline counter to receive your case number, call us, and continue on your merry way.
What We Will Do: Follow up with the airline and airport to track down your luggage and make sure it gets to you; file a claim with your travel insurance; direct you to nearby stores where you can buy what you need for the time being.

The Problem: The rental car company hands you keys to a Toyota Corolla rather than the Ford Expedition you reserved.
How You Handle It Yourself: Stand in long lines at the rental counter, argue with the agents who may not speak the same language, panic about missed tours, and likely shed a few tears.
If You Hire Us: Call us.
What We Will Do: Contact the rental car company and find you a car, even if that means finding a second company and having the first refund your money. We will also contact and reschedule any tours or reservations that may be affected by the delay. (If you booked your itinerary through us, these changes will appear like magic in your app.)

The Problem: Your sinuses hate you and want you to be miserable (also known as, a horrible sinus headache).
How You Handle It Yourself: Find a pharmacy. Learn how to say "sinus" in Greek on the fly. Also practice the international sign language for "I don't have COVID." If you are lucky enough to have a cell signal and are willing to pay to activate your data plan, you can pull up a photo of Mucinex to point to while your companion draws big question marks in the air.
If You Hire Us: Call us on What's App from the comfort of your hotel and convenience of their wi-fi.
What We Will Do: Research over-the-counter equivalents to the medicines you take at home and send you a picture of them to show the pharmacist. We will also give you directions to get there. In English.

Please complete our Contact Form for more information.





Do you live in Hoboken, NJ?
If so, you are in luck!
Go Farther Travel provides Help-At-Home when you are traveling.


  • If you can't remember if you unplugged your curling iron, or a big storm is coming and you need someone to check that the sump pump is working, we'll check on your home for you.

  • Water your plants or pick up your package deliveries

  • Move your car for street cleaning

  • Order groceries to arrive when you return, or we can do the shopping and put them away for you

  • Collect and drop off your dry cleaning when you get home or provide a full laundromat service (pick up, wash, fold, return)

  • Other obscure needs that we haven't thought of but you can't stop thinking about!

Complete our Contact Form to learn more about the service and associated fees.


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Susan Sontag

Santorini, Greece



Hoboken, NJ

(201) 533 - 4442

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