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Ashford Castle, Ireland

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal vacation. Are you relaxing on a beautiful beach or some place you regularly go? Are you free from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, with no sounds other than the tide rolling in, and out, lulling you to sleep? Or maybe you are at a family resort, watching your children enjoy the water slides while you sip a margarita? Regardless of the specifics, have you laid claim to this spot, with a definite plan to park yourself in it, relatively unmoving, for the next 5-7 days?


If so, then you are not our customer.


We are speaking to people who travel. Hard. People who have been known to say, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” People who go and go and go, using that aforementioned beach as a pre-scheduled break, before going some more. Go Farther Travel caters to those people, and the people who wish to be them.


Not that there is anything wrong with a relaxing vacation to unwind from your daily stressors, but epic trips are about absorbing, not releasing. You go to places you have never been, see things you have never seen, meet people you have never met before. You try communicating in a foreign language, indulging in an unfamiliar cuisine, experiencing culture that is - slightly or completely - different from your own.


Such people – we will call you “travelers” – may already know how to plan an epic trip, but lack the time to research your next one. Some travelers may spend time “on tour” but would like to be free of the constraints imposed by tour companies. You want to gain the confidence to embark on your own unique itinerary, choosing where you’ll visit, stay, and eat. Some want to broaden their horizons and go outside their comfort zones. And others may have no idea what this “traveling” is about but are nonetheless intrigued. No matter what kind of traveler you are, nor how experienced you may be, we can help you on your way.


Founder Rochelle Avignon is this sort of traveler. When she was young, single, and broke, she had a philosophy: NO REPEATS. While she loved Rick Steves’ mentality to sit back, relax, and assume you’ll pass this way again, she realized that most people have budgets and limited vacation days. Each time she took a week or two off of work and spent the boatload of money she'd been sacrificing to save, she didn’t want to go back to a place she'd already been. (That sort of thing is for vacationers, and remember, we are travelers.) So, she immersed herself as much as possible, staying in authentic hotels and eating where the locals ate, and saw as much as she could. She didn't linger in any one place for long; each trip involved multiple destinations. She decided that later, when she was retired, or wealthy, or had seen all that she wanted to see already, she could return to these places. But if that day never came, she'd have no regrets of the view unseen, the dish undevoured, nor the museum unexplored.

When Rochelle shared her trips on social media, she learned that many people want to travel this way, but they believe it is too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive to plan and embark on a such a trip. She founded Go Farther Travel to make epic vacations accessible to all travelers, no matter your experience, time, or budget.


To learn more, fill out our Contact Form. If you are ready to dream up your own epic adventure, complete our 10-minute Questionnaire to get started!

Founder, Rochelle Avignon

Rochelle Flynn

Our Clients Say...

"Our two-day Dublin itinerary thought of everything! Restaurant suggestions, detailed public transportation instructions, shopping suggestions, and excursions. It was meticulously planned. All we had to do was show up and have fun!"

Amanda S.

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